Welcome to the Chattanooga Area Model Railroad Club.

The Chattanooga Area Model Railroad Club, CAMRC, was formed on March 30, 1969
by a group interested in model railroading, promoting the hobby and educating
those interested in the ways of model building and about real railroads.


Construction for the new model railroad layout at the
Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum continues.

TVRM Layout


Work schedules are changing.
Contact Doug or Larry for more info.

Dennis Cherry is working on automated running during visiting hours.

Jim Thurston who has 25+ years of knowlege about the Rathole Division
made mjor contributions to the design of this layout.

Scene breaks are beinginstalled.

Testing of the Digikeijs DCC system is underway

Click > to download the layout design.

Do you want to be involved with this new model railroad which will be
seem by thousands of people over the years?

Go to the forms page, download a new member application and join our club!


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